Sidermec Group

Sidermec is todays reference in Europe regarding any tin acquisition and processing both chrome and black band for industrial packaging.

Its story began in Italy in the Romagna region in 1974 when the entrepreneur Giuseppe Buda founded the basis of a typical Italian family run business. As the years progressed, Sidermec evolved continuously, developing into an organizational model type company oriented to production control process and teamwork. In 1994 the company began a partnership collaboration with the Belgium Company Indumet, in this way the Group can strategically rely on 2 manufacturing hubs capable of efficiently covering the entire North Europe and Mediterranean area markets.

Thanks to the strategic partnership between the 2 hubs in Italy and Belgium (Indumet), Sidermec is able to offer a wide range of products even in small quantities and all types of services regarding the tinplate field, responding efficiently and expertly to the ever more complex requests clients have from all over Europe.

Presently all the Groups Managerial competences, technical and commercial, operate together to create the Companies Mission: understanding the best possible way and the market requirements, in order to find outstanding solutions that can be defined as “made to measure” for every single customer.

The Company Group and figures


production departments

for cutting and reconditioning

numerically controlled cutting lines

straight cut/scroll and lateral trim


for trimming

thousand tons

annual material processing potential

thousand tons

processed and sold per year

thousand tons

storage capacity



the average age


thousand square meters

of production plants