SIDERMEC GROUP has run a number of communication projects; among them ARTIN is a new concept aimed at promoting and supporting contemporary artistic research.

The project also marks Sidermec’s 40th year of activity as a European leader in the tin plate processing; it represents a further and dynamic phase of its business.  Through this project, SIDERMEC GROUP joins know-how, reliability and the experience gained since its setup back in 1975, with a corporate culture programme. The company pursues its mission and supports human potential development and sustainability processes.

ARTIN is the outcome of this approach: an ever-evolving platform intended to promote the extraordinary structural and functional properties of steel and tinplate. Even the project name combines the words “art” and “tin” and is designed to enhance the resources and almost inexhaustible possibilities of use and recycling of these materials which show practical and expressive multi-functionality, also owing to the works of artists and designers.

Through the group’s 2015 calendar, exhibitions, publications and events, with the contribution of the outstanding artist Francesco Bocchini, who has been interpreting since ever the multiple aesthetic and formal uses of tinplate in an original and bold manner, SIDERMEC GROUP will hold various initiatives culminating in the EMPAC conference in 2015.